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Viva Las Vegas | June 8 - 12

Viva Las Vegas | June 8 - 12

Las Vegas is always a slightly different experience, you never know the random wonders you’ll see performing on Fremont or if you’ll catch a break and get to hang with the high rollers; even if it’s just for a game or two.

If you travel off the main strip, and venture to Fremont, you’ll find the minimum bet’s get lower.  Heck, you’ll even find penny machines!  But don’t be fooled, your minimum bet will still be at least a dollar.  While you’re on the main strip, it’s easy to fall into $3 - $5 minimum bets and that $100 goes by real quick.


Near Fremont street, there's also a container mall.  It has a few small shops that I thought were pretty cool.  You can also put a lock on their art display.  If you're into being cute and all with your significant other, why not?

Just because you don’t bet big and risky, doesn’t always mean the payout won’t be worth while or “big”, you just gotta find the right games.  Don’t be afraid to stand around and watch a little bit, try to understand the slot or game before jumping head first.

If you get the chance and want a quick bite, go to the Cosmopolitan Hotel and go to the 3rd floor.  Once you step out of the elevator, directly to your right is a Secret Pizza place.  It’s so secret, it looks like the hallway to a bathroom and the hotel’s index map doesn’t even mention it! The slice per pizza is a bit high, sitting at about $5 a slice, but it’s worth a try ( plus nothing on the strip is “cheap” ).


Montaray Bay’s shark tank museum is a cool attraction if you’ve got kids, or if you’ve never been to an aquarium.  You get to see a few reptiles and then move onto sea creatures.  Personally I thought touching a stingray was pretty interesting; something I’ve never done before.  Some of them are kinda leathery, almost sandpaper like, while others are smoother and a little harder to the touch.  Their shark tank was pretty impressive and beautiful to see.

However, I could of passed on the Polar Exhibit and “motion ride”.  The motion ride was standing in a square machine with about 9 other people as you went on an arctic experience riding a submarine.  No where near any amusement park ride and was more of a disappointment.

This time around, I didn’t take as many photos as I had planned, nor did I record as much.  I really decided to try and live in the moment and take it all in.  To not think of every moment in a cinematic way or “how to get a good shot”, all of which take away from really, truly, living in the moment. 

What are some places I need to visit around Vegas next time?

Hello Fall

Hello Fall