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Easy Way To Change Up Your Everyday Look

Easy Way To Change Up Your Everyday Look

I have an easy go-to look that I typically do every day, and I mean, Every. Day.  It's so routine and easy that I don't need to worry I'm going to mess up and look like a clown.  But sometimes same-old-same-old gets...well, old.

Over the past few years, you guys know that I've changed up looks by using my glasses more often and even purchasing different types of frames.  But I wanted to revisit a method I used before; contact lens.  If you aren't into contact lenses, you can still change up your everyday look by adding a little somethin' somethin' that is different to what you would normally do.  Maybe add a different color eye shadow one day; opt for a sparkly purple instead of gold. 


Recently I've started to change up an everyday look by wearing contact lens.  Getting colored contacts was an easy way to change up my everyday look and you may think people don't notice, but when you interact with people, you'll get the occasional compliment.  The contact color I chose was grey and I didn't think it was that big of a difference for anyone to notice or care.  Since I work in retail, I do come in contact with people all day, and I did end up getting a few compliments on my colored contacts.


I got these contacts from [ www.MyScaryEyes.com ].  I've purchased contacts from them years ago for Halloween and I love them now, just as much as I have before! [ Link to the ones I am wearing here


As you can see here, I've used contacts from MyScaryEyes for years, the first time being 2012.  The first time I came across them, was actually at an anime convention when I purchased these bright blue ones.

Since then, it was always a simple and easy way to change up a look or sometimes "spice up" your life a little.

How do you change up your everyday look?  I'm not amazing at make-up, so all those really intricate looks are out of my league!  I need something much easier!  Let me know what you do!



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