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New Year Resolutions / Goals 2018

New Year Resolutions / Goals 2018

I'm sure we're all beginning to kick-off our New Year with all of our new resolutions and "ready-to-kick-ass" mentality. Here are my resolutions for 2018:


1. Travel

I've already got a trip in May planned out, but traveling makes me so happy. I love experiences and stepping away from our island and expanding my horizons. I want to be able to explore more often and do close-to-home trips like the outer islands ( basically any island except Oahu- because I live here ).


2. Run

I really want to do the Honolulu Marathon. No idea why, but it's something that I really want to do. I've got tendonitis and kinda put cardio, like running, on the FAR back burner, letting it collect dust. Recently I've really been into getting back into hikes and I love walking the pups. Maybe not the next coming Honolulu Marathon, but that is my goal to end up at eventually. I hope to do a few runs this year and slowly, but surely, get to the goal of HONOLULU MARATHON! I've even already signed up for the color run on January 20th; kicking this year off right!


3. Happiness

I need to focus on my happiness this year. I've had really high ups, but really low lows this year. I've picked myself up from each of them and I want to keep working on things that really make me happy. I gotta stop being such a doubter and more of a doer. Really focus and hone in on the things that make me happy, and let go of the things that don't.


4. Read

The last few months of 2017 I started reading more and used my Kindle Reader that sat for almost a full year. I've made time to read and relax a little which has really helped my overall mental health and really allowed me to clear my mind. Get back into the groove of things and create even better grooves.

5. Health

Lastly, my health. I want to really focus on bettering myself this year. Both mentally and physically. 2017 I really focused on finding myself and then becoming content with myself. November, I chopped my hair off and had a pixie cut. That was a late night impulse that I don't regret. It's changed my perspective about myself and really forced the "self-love" because I was so self conscious at first.


I want my other resolutions to be blog and YouTube focused, but I don't want to make any promises other than this blog and YouTube has been a source of happiness for me and I want it to grow and continue to be a source of happiness. Can't wait to keep seeing you guys this year.

It's our year. Let's own it.

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