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25 Things About Me

25 Things About Me

Today marks my Quarter-of-a-Century birthday! Yes, a quarter - of - a - century! I'm officially mid- twenties, only five more years till I hit the big 3 - 0. Since this is a new blogging platform with new viewers as well, why not tell you guys 25 things about me, that you may not already know?


1. My name is Krysti. K - R - Y - S - T - I   Not Kristie, Kristy, Kristi, etc. I'm not particular about my name and how you spell it, I've always had people spell my name wrong; it's okay.

2. My favorite food is sukiyaki ( Japanese way ) or hot pot ( Korean way ). Food is one of the ways to my heart for sure!

3. I've always been into photography. My parents good friend is a photographer and my mom loved taking photos as well.

4. I love colorful things as well. My favorites are pastel or "watered - down" colors. I can't stand things being too monochromatic ( mainly stationary things ).

5. Other hobbies include crafts.

6. And creating. Anything. I'm into creating things.

7. Baking over cooking any day.

8. I LOVE SWEETS. Milk chocolates specifically. But my heart has a soft spot for chocolate covered strawberries.

9. I've come to the realization that this is actually a little harder than I thought.

10. I can drive standard / stick - shift / manual transmission. It's something I will proudly say because it is dying and less and less people know how to drive it. I find it important to keep alive. Plus I've always thought it was pretty bad - ass. Even before the Fast & Furious franchise made it a "cool" thing.

11. I've always cherished the quality of friends rather than quantity. My two best, closest, basically sisters, are Harley and Lauren. I've always put Harley's name before Lauren's when I mention them, unconsciously of course. But to be fair, I did know Harley first before I met and got to know Lauren. And I've only noticed now, that I will mention Harley before Lauren; it's just always been " Harley and Lauren " when I mention them.

12. I've gone to two other countries, Japan and China. Both were breath - taking, eye opening experiences. I went in 2010 with my high school's music department.

13. I played the Clarinet for seven years; 6th grade through l 12th grade.

14. Brian is my boyfriend.

15. We've dated since 2010; that makes it 7.5 years.

16. I started blogging in 2013. That blog no longer exists and was started on Weebly.

17. I started as a beauty blogger, blogging all things make - up; reviews, faves, hauls.

18. Back then I bought my domain too because I was serious about always keeping it and that it was something that I knew I wanted to do for a long period of time.

19. Since then we've moved to WordPress from 2014-2017. Still keeping my domain.

20. November 2017 - Present , we are here on WIX and I'm pretty happy here. I can see myself and my blog growing by using this platform.  [ Edit: Later in April 2018, we moved to SquareSpace ]

21. I'm not a fan of alcohol. Not sure why or what about it other than I just don't like the taste of it.

22. I do not like most bugs. Especially cockroaches. Ewwwwww.

23. I'm pretty sure I have anxiety. I've never gotten tested or diagnosed with it, but certain things will trigger it and I will have insomnia, sometimes I will hyperventilate, restlessness ( I'll constantly move a part of my body whether I'm walking around, tapping my feet, fingers, etc ).

24. Favorite make - up item : lipstick. I'm a sucker for a new lipstick. All 50 almost - the - same - but - not colors.

25. I'm a stationary addict. I want it all.

I hope you learned something new about me. Catch you around!

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